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Summer Camp Lucknow

(June 11, 2018)

Darshan Academy Lucknow organized a Summer Camp followed by finale presentation. The camp activities included dance, music (vocal and instrumental), yoga and aerobics, basic computer course and spoken English. The students participated enthusiastically in different activities and learnt a great deal. The finale was organized on the last day for students to present whatever they had learnt during the summer camp. The children were excited to display their acquired skills and the invited parents were happy to see their children performing on the stage. A successful Summer Camp concluded with happy memories.

Summer Camp Dasua

(June 11, 2018)

Summer Camp was organized at Darshan Academy Dasuya from 23 May-31 May 2018. Students were divided into various groups depending on their interests. There were a variety of activities like- basketball,volleyball,kho-kho,badminton,cooking,skating,table-tennis,art and craft, theatre, dance(western and folk), martial arts, and games. Spoken English and “Help your mom” were compulsory courses for all. “Help your mom” was a new activity this time in which students learnt small household activities and how they can lend a helping hand to their mothers. On the last day a Fun and Adventure Camp was organized for the students. A big splash pool and rain dance was included besides rides. Students had great fun playing in a pool and dancing in the water. At the end food was served to the students. The last day before the summer vacation was full of fun.

Summer Hobby Camp Meerut

(June 11, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Meerut provided opportunities to young Darshanites to learn new skills, tap their talents, and be actively engaged during the Summer Hobby Camp, conducted from 14 to 24 May 2018. Activities were conducted during zero periods. Some of the topics covered were: Best out of waste, Yoga, Paper Craft, Computer, Greeting Cards, Dance, Instrumental Music, Volleyball, Basketball, Conversation and Storytelling, Cooking.

Demo Lesson Workshop

(June 11, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized an internal teacher training workshop on 28 and 29 May 2018 with the focus on how to teach the Darshan Academy Spiritual Curriculum. The workshop was chaired by the Principal and Headmistress, and the Teacher Trainers facilitated the workshop. The workshop started with a spiritual discourse (on CD) by Darshan Education Foundation’s Founder Chairman, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj and a meditation sitting by all the teachers. Thereafter, the formal session began with the teachers presenting demo lessons on a variety of topics. Teachers also shared innovative techniques and play-way activities as well as ideas on strategies which have worked well in promoting understanding of certain topics of other subjects. Some useful and constructive suggestions after every activity/demo lessons were provided by the Teacher Trainers. The workshop concluded on a happy note and teachers profited from the exchange of ideas.

Maharashtra Day & International Labour Day Celebration

(June 11, 2018)

A special assembly was conducted on account of Maharashtra Day and International Labour Day at Darshan Academy Pune. Mrs. Rangoli Saxena, Principal, hoisted the flag and explained the historical significance of the Maharashtra Day Celebration in her inspiring speech. She also thanked the support staff for their service and hard work. Students spoke about the importance of these special occasions. Little Darshanites felicitated the ancillary staff with roses as a token of gratitude and respect.

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