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Fruit Distribution, Kalka

(October 7, 2019)

A group of Darshan Academy Kalka students and staff went to the civil hospital Kalka to offer fruits to some of the patients. The activity was part of a selfless service activity during the Darshan and Rajinder Love and Service Week. The charitable act was appreciated by the concerned authorities and patients and helped students engage in community service.

Darshan and Rajinder Love and Service Week, Ludhiana

(October 7, 2019)

Darshan Academy, Ludhiana school campus vibrated with the message of love and service during the special week celebration of Darshan and Rajinder Love and Service Week. A plethora of activities were organized that included dance, presentations, card making, and a fruit party. The inaugural ceremonies of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Darshan Education Foundation on September 14 and the literary program for underprivileged children on September 20 were a part of the week. Students learned about the importance of helping people in need and making a positive contribution to society.

In House Picnic, Ludhiana

(October 7, 2019)

Darshan Academy, Ludhiana organised a picnic on October 4 , 2019 for classes nursery to grade IV, with 370 Darshanites and 20 students, along with their parents from different play way schools, participating enthusiastically. The fun filled day included a water pool, rides and bouncers, and a clown interacting with the students. Some adventurous activities were also arranged for class III and IV students. Music was played all day. The grand celebration ended with everyone coming together as a big happy family for a shared meal.

Green Colour Day , Hisar

(October 7, 2019)

The kindergarten students of Darshan Academy, Hisar spent the entire day on 4 October 2019 celebrating the color green. They came to school dressed in shades of green and were welcomed with beautiful green decorations displayed in the school. The teachers told them stories about the colours of the rainbow and students engaged in a show and tell activity related to the colour green. They played games including musical chairs, a colour identification game, and dressed in fruit costumes. Students learned about the taste, smell and texture of different fruits. Some students took on the role of the earth and shared how to take care of our environment and Mother Earth. It prompted them to think how the green colour energizes and revitalizes our lives.

Dusshera Celebrations

(October 7, 2019)

Celebrations took place in many Darshan Academies throughout India to mark the festival of Dusshera. Special assemblies showcased the significance of the festivities associated with Dusshera. The festival reinforces the message that good always triumphs over evil. Students engaged in a variety of activities including role plays, cultural programs, narrating scenes of Lord Rama’s life, sharing values to be inculcated, fancy dress competitions, dance and songs. They created masks and other colourful art and craft items, and enjoyed the special day.

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