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Good Luck Party 2017, Hisar

(March 3, 2017)

Darshan Academy, Hisar held a Good Luck Party for the students of class XII to wish them good luck for their future endeavours. The fabulous party began with a traditional tilak ceremony for the students given by the students of class XI. All the students of class XII shared their memorable moments spent in Darshan Academy and thanked their teachers for inculcating the noble values of truthfulness, kindness and selflessness in them. They said they were proud of being Darshanites.

Class XII students shared their love and heartfelt gratitude and the teachers conveyed their best wishes. Neeti and Siddhant were chosen as Miss and Mr. Darshanite. The school manager Mr. Prakash Taneja and the principal Mrs. Jessica Kamble extended a motivational message and best wishes for a bright future, encouraging them to work hard with an optimistic attitude, exclaiming: YES, YOU CAN!

All of the students participated in a beautiful cultural program full of entertainment with songs, dances, and theatrical performances. Class XII students were sad to be leaving but felt well prepared for their future as a result of the wonderful education they had received at Darshan Academy.

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